8-Nov-2018Berkeley, CA+10 milesFree Stuff
Hi, we have these lovely large logs, perfect for a bonfire. You'll need at least two people to lift the largest ones. they were cut a year ago and have seasoned over the year in the yard. You're welcome to bring a chainsaw and cut them into smaller sizes if you want.
6-Nov-2018Walnut Creek, CA+6 milesFree Stuff
Lots of firewood of various sizes.
3-Nov-2018Walnut Creek, CA+6 milesFree Stuff
Lots of firewood of various sizes.
20-Oct-2018Walnut Creek, CA+6 milesFree Stuff
Lots of oak tree firewood of various medium to extra large shapes and sizes that have been sitting in my backyard for a few years.
11-Oct-2018Castro Valley, CA+10 milesFree Stuff
Yard work has resulted in a large pile of bricks and firewood surplus.
13-Nov-2018Berkeley, CA+10 milesFree Stuff
Free Hard Wood (Acacia) (berkeley) 20181113_131800.jpg Huge free pile in driveway, take what you want. Whether for future firewood, or for sculpting/woodworking, it is beautiful hard wood Acacia 2185 Acton St, Berkeley (cross street: Allston
18-Oct-2018Concord, CA+11 milesFree Stuff
I have a pile of beautiful Deodar Cedar limb pieces from a 100+ year-old tree I had cut down this week. Cedar is not good firewood because of the sap, but it makes excellent kindling. I'm looking for someone with a portable splitter - you can have half of the kindling pile you split.
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